Turn your tablet into a real fitness console: Connect via Bluetooth®, set your data, select a program and go.

DKN-Motion integrates perfectly any tablet, iPad or Android, into the DKN console, allowing you to design, program and perform your workout in your place, whenever it matches your agenda. Once on the go, you may keep the App active in the background, turning exercise time into multi-tasking time.

Besides the classics (manual control, programmed runs, endurance, warm-up, calorieburn, etc..) DKN-Motion integrates Watt control, Target Heart Rate training, and Personal Coaching. The App also allows up to 12 personalized users to store their work-out data.

And …i-Routes: Try some of the worlds’ most iconic tours.  DKN Motion allows you to check yourself out on some parts of the real routes. Select a route, press start and follow the map at your own pace, with the incline and decline feature.
It’s as easy as that...

DKN-Motion supports:

iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, IOS 5.1.1 > IOS 9.1

ANDROID 3.1 > 5.0  7", 8.9", 10" tablets with a resolution of 1280 X 800 pixels.

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