Immerse yourself with world tours which combine speed interactive progress, natural sounds from the environment and location specific facts.

Bring a guide to push yourself with location specific intensity training and integrated playlists or select a normal tour to progress at your own cadence.

Compatible with any DKN-Technology bike, elliptical, treadmill or rowing machine by simply playing your phone or tablet on the magazine rack or a shelf direct behind it.

See it big on your television via HDMI, Chromecast or Apple TV. 

Stream or download each tour. Streaming gets you in action fast while downloading lets you work out even without wifi.

No hardware to configure - BitGym uses a patented tracking system utilizes the front camera on your phone or tablet to “see” your exericse motion.

Keep a log of your steps, cadence and calories inside the app as well as export data to Apple Health and others.

Calorie and heartrate tracking let you train smarter.
Smart Watch supported (iOS only).