Smart Fitness Solutions

Our high quality range is ergonomically designed to provide comfort in use whilst looking great in the home and any urban envinronment.

Leading Edge Design, Technology Solutions, Premium Quality: designed to last and perform.

High value for little money: if you are on a budget, DKN-Technology is a great way to get in shape for less.

If you are looking to keep healthy and fit now and in the years to come we have the right exercise kit for you.

Reaching for better

On Track with Kinomap!

Dedicated to fitness?

Kinomap turns your elliptical, exercise bike, treadmill or rowing machine into a powerful fitness device.

Choose a video and train on the Kinomap app. Watch your progress on the map as you follow the video. The app will change incline or resistance in real time.

Discover iConsole+

This 4th generation App lets you create your own Route, follow your progress online using Streetview, share your work-out with friends, keep track of your training sessions in your iLog.


Compatible with Fitness Trackers, Bluetooth Chest Strap, Apple Watch, Fitbit…