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The DKN RB-3i recumbent exercise bike is not only incredibly stylish looking with its sleek and classic easy step through design, but the reworked ergonomic design makes it perfect for longer workouts with reduced chance of injury.

The user friendly programmability and console is a feature that any user will appreciate and value: it provides a constant and accurate feedback on the wide range of resistance levels to deliver a superior workout experience for beginners and experts alike. Cardio training is easily programmed using Heart Rate controlled Target Zones. All workout data including speed/rpm, time elapsed, distance covered, theoretical calorie burn,Watts/Energy expended and heart rate are simultaneously displayed, while the upper screen will show the active modus.

The upright back support and integrated hand rests offer an easy and comfortable riding position, and makes the RB-3i incredibly easy to use and train with.The digital resistance range available on the DKN RB-3i allows you to easily select and adjust the digital resistance directly from the console, and offers an intensity range of 10 to 350 Watts in 5 Watt interval steps, meaning you can accurately specify your desired intensity.

Integrate wellness and fitness into your lifestyle: connect via blue-tooth, set your data, select a program and go.The DKN-Motion App brings you the future of the fitness industry. This new console integrates perfectly any tablet, iPad or Android, allowing you to design, program and perform your workout in your place whenever it matches your agenda: integrated command and control the bike or strider. DKN-Motion allows up to 12 personalized users to store their work-out data. While exercising, the program can be kept in the background, allowing acces to any multitasking. Besides the classics (manual control, programmed runs, endurance, warm-up, calorieburn, etc..) DKN-Motion integrates Watt control, Target Heart Rate training, and Personal Coaching into your lifestyle.

i-Routes: Explore some of the worlds’ most iconic tours. Stride or bike the universe from within the privacy of your own place, and yet stay connected. Challenge yourself on some of the worlds’ most iconic trips: DKNs’ new Technology allows you to out check yourself on some parts of the real routes. Select a trip, press start and follow the map at your own pace, with the incline and decline feature.It’s as easy as that...

Technical Specifications

DKN- iWorld App for Android and iPadDKN- iWorld App for Android and iPad DKN-Motion App for Android and iPadDKN-Motion App for Android and iPad Preprogrammed coursesPreprogrammed courses Watt controlled programmingWatt controlled programming Wireless heart rate control programming 'My zone'Wireless heart rate control programming 'My zone' Heart rate sensors integrated in the handlebarHeart rate sensors integrated in the handlebar
DKN - iWorld
DKN -Motionyes
Program profiles12
Watt controlyes
'My zone' HR programmingyes
Pulsegrip sensorsyes
Resistance32 levels
Adjustable seatpositionyes
User profileyes
User memoryyes
Recovery functionyes
Max user limit140 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH)1800 x 660 x 1180 mm
Flywheel set11 kg
Weight58.6 kg
CertificationCE/EN 957 Class HA

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