DKN Technology
  • DKN Motion

    DKN Motion: a new workout experience

    DKN Motion is a ground breaking app that integrates your tablet into the fitness console. Download DKN Motion from the App Store, connect your tablet via Blue Tooth and go...

  • DKN AiRun X

    DKN AiRun X

    The All New DKN AiRun-X High Performance Folding Treadmill is equipped with a revolutionary folding design, NO assembly needed.

    Plug and Run system literally means straight out of the box, and running in 3 easy steps! This ingenious folding system marks a new era in Space saving.

    The AiRun-X is a treadmill that will ALWAYS impress….but never impose! 

  • DKN Motion

    DKN Motion


    DKN Motion is designed to control and to fully integrate any workout on any compatible equipment of DKN’s iSeries. Customize your profile, track your workout progress, set your goals using DKN’s My Zone Program for Heart Rate or Watt control.

  • iMotioniMotion


    Challenge yourself on some of the worlds’ most iconic trips. Select a route, press start and follow the map and terrain variation at your own pace. Stride or bike the Universe from within the privacy of your own place…

  • DKN Motion

    DKN Run: The globe is your home

    The DKN-Run application opens up a whole new plethora of exciting features, such as weight loss, bootcamp, calorieburn, etc… Turn your tablet into a real fitness console. Opt for the iRoute feature and take your mind and body on an exercise expedition!

    Go for your daily run in any spot of the globe and challenge yourself on some of the worlds’ most iconic spots.



    DKN  has pioneered the evolution of WBV and continues to explore new premium fitness equipment.

    We invite you to join the DKN lifestyle today and achieve your fitness, health, and wellness goals effortlessly.

Think Different

You want to be able to stay fit, burn calories and keep healthy by working out?

DKN manufacturers exercise equipment combining Industrial design, Aestheticism and Quality. 
We offer high value for little money: if you are on a budget, DKN is a great way to get in shape for less.
Our exercisers are comfortable to use, concepted for multitasking, adapted to an Urban Lifestyle.
DKN simply does what you want an exerciser to do:
Help you to keep healthy and fit for the years to come.

DKN, Reaching for better